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Handling large amount of data to incorporate into a mapping system is exactly what the Google Map Pro extension does best.

It is extremely flexible, allowing you to use both plugins and modules to achive what the component can do too.

This means that you can place a map basically in any area of your website.

The flexibility does not stop there though. The newest version of the Google Map Pro extension allows different overall templates, meaning you can change appearence in a matter of seconds.

Why not give your user a good experience with a mapping system for once?

Not sure about it yet? Go to the demo site and check it out now!

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Below you will see a list of what the Google Map Pro extension has to offer:

  • Googlemap API V3 used. No keys needed anymore!
  • Template system.
  • Extended import/export function.
  • JomSocial integration
  • Community Builder integration
  • Joomla User integration
  • 4 different typesof modules to extend the component.
  • Article plugin.
  • Massive configuration possibilities - kept simple.
  • Ability to upload unlimited pictures to each marker.
  • Possible to attach custom fields to a marker.
  • Customized infowindows.
  • Customized icons.
  • Clustering support.
  • And so much more...

Find out more about the Google Map Pro extension by reading "features & benifits". This gives a more detailed explanation of some of the key features of the extension.

The Google Map Pro is being updated on a regular basis - and is now in Version 4.


Googlemap API V3 used

The extensions Google Map Pro is using the latest API available from Google - meaning that no keys are no longer needed! This also means that whenever something new is released into their current API, it will also be available to this extension.

New templating system

This new feauture is for those who need extra flexibility, and wants to be able to alter the appearence of Google Map Pro extensions within seconds.

At this moment there is one template available - however in the comming future more will be built - and you will have a selection of templates to choose from.

Within each template you can define special paramaters to further extend the flexibility of the mapping component.

Vast import/export functionality

There is no bigger hassle than creating 1000's of markers, especially if you already have the data.

If you need third party implementation of markers, or you need to import existing markers from a defined database - then this is what you need.

The import/export option is extremely agile, and lets you import/export from these types of files: XML,CSV,JSON. Furthermore, it also allows you to import from external/internal databases.

Third party integration

JoomSocial and Community Builder integration is the first part of a longer series of planned integrations.

Customized infowindows to your liking

If you arent happy with Google's standard infowindow - then Google Map Pro extension allows you to create your own infowindows, besides those already created for your need.

And lets face it. The standard infowindow is not what it used to be. WHy not extend this to fit your website?

Creating new infowindows is easy and fast. When you have created your new infowindow it will be available to all of your markers to use.

Allowing your users to add "markers"

If you want the map to be user driven - then this is also possible.

The Google Map Pro extension creates the possibility for your sites users to add both markers and lines/shapes to your site. After submission they can even edit/reorganise their submitted markers.

Configurable and flexible

The mapping system is extremely configurable - however as an administrator it is extremely simple. You are not required to think about all of the configuration possibilities before you need them or want it!

The extensions comes with 4 modules and an article plugin. This adds to the 5 different viewtypes of the component.

A map can be placed anywhere on your website. Why not take advantage?

Want to know more?

You can read up on the extension by reading the documentation, viewing the tutorials or looking at the demo site.
Look after the "Help Needed?" navigation to the right.

Module map (mod_googlemappro)

This module can be placed in any position on your site, and it can mimic all of the components features. It is highly configurable, yet still easy to use. The module creates a map from one or more categories.

Module category listing (mod_googlepro)

If you need a list of all your categories created with maps, then this is the solution. It has a small variety of configurable parameters, which keeps this module simple and easy to use.

Module destination list (mod_googleprodest)

As the case with the above module, this creates a list  - however of destinations from a category instead.

Module Search (mod_googleprosearch)

The component comes with a search function, however some people need this search functionality in a module position.

This module allows a user to create a search for an area/destination in a map, and displays this.

Want to know more?

You can read up on the extension by reading the documentation, viewing the tutorials or looking at the demo site.
Look after the "Help Needed?" navigation to the right.

Article plugin

The article plugin creates a map. The plugin is as capable as the component itself, and can mimic all its features. It even extends the component by allowing a KML view - which is not supported by the component itself - only the plugin.

The Google Map Pro article plugin makes it possible to attach limitless maps on one page too - thus not restricting anything.

Simply place the embed code in the article, and see the magic happen!

Want to know more?

You can read up on the extension by reading the documentation, viewing the tutorials or looking at the demo site.
Look after the "Help Needed?" navigation to the right.

The minimum requirements to run Google Map Pro are:

  • Joomla! 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7,2.5, 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 4.2
  • GD library
  • Allow fetching of documents from same server via cURL or file_get_contents

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7, 2.5, 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Allow Url Fopen = on

Documentation for Google Map Pro can be found here. Beneath you will find 3 PDF files. One for the component, one for the modules and one for the plugins.

All documentation is also followed in the install package delivered by Jan's Joomla.

As of now - only the component and plugin documentation is available. Documentation for the modules will be available shortly.