The SlideShow offers these possibilities, and are some of the things the slideShow extended will be able to handle.

  • SlideShow type. Image or article slideshow.
  • List out an category or folder. Depending of what type you pick.
  • 2 different layouts at release. Many more will follow.
  • Navigation type. Numbered navigation or title navigation.
  • Width of slideshow.
  • Height of slideshow.
  • Read more link.
  • FX. The way the SlideSHow change content.
  • Number of items to display in SlideShow
  • Timeout. How far between slides.
  • SlideSpeed. How fast the slide change.
  • Tabspeed. How fast the tabs slide.
  • Navigation. Either navigation will exist or not.
  • Previous/next buttons. Set it to yes or no.
  • Pause/Resume butons. Set it to yes or no.
  • Ordering. How the ordering of articles will take place.

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