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Google Map Pro V4

It is time to think about what and how the Google Map Pro can be improved upon - when going into its 4 version.

The major goals for this release is to:

  • More user fiendly end user customization possibilities.
  • 1 new template - with different layout and possibilties.
  • Even more configuration possibilties - meaning even more features.
  • Third party integration possibilities.

If you have any thoughts on what it should include, you are always welcome to send me an email or contact me via the chat function.

Expected release date: To be decided.

More to follow...



GoogleMap Pro is an excellent extension. The many features of this component are awesome. The best is, it works 100%.
The support as well. Jan Sangill responses a question very, very fast.
Such a great support is not naturally in the commercial extension world.
A must have extension for all who search a professional GoogleMap extension.

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